QuakeWatch Information Distribution System


Version 1.691February 4, 2014

The following QWIDS/EIDS documentation is available:

QWIDS/EIDS Installation (and QDDS Migration)

QuakeWatch Information Distribution System summary

QWIDS/EIDS Revision History

QWServer:  QuakeWatch Server distribution (doc).
QWWebServices:  QuakeWatch Web Services distribution (doc).
QWConOutClient:  QuakeWatch Console Output Client distribution (doc).
QWGenericClient:  QuakeWatch Generic Client distribution (doc).
QWCubeOutClient:  QuakeWatch Cube Output Client distribution (doc).
QWFileOutClient:  QuakeWatch File Output Client distribution (doc).
QWJNIClient:  QuakeWatch JNI Client Receiver distribution (doc).
QWMsgValidateClient:  QuakeWatch Message Validating Client distribution (doc).
QWLibs:  QuakeWatch Library distribution (doc).
QWWebSvcsManager:  QuakeWatch Web Services Manager distribution (doc).
QWStatusProcessor:  QuakeWatch Status Processor distribution (doc).
QWLogin:  PHP-based client-login provisioning system (doc).
QuakeML_doc:  Files documenting the QWIDS use of the QuakeML message format (doc).
ANSS_EQ_XML:  Files documenting the ANSS-EQ-XML message format (doc).
miscdoc/CubeAnssEQTranslations.html:  CUBE / ANSS-EQ-XML translations (doc).